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A number of By the Way books published in 2007 was recently discovered and we are offering you a copy FREE OF CHARGE. Quantities are limited. This is the third of five By the Way books. Also, if you have not received the latest (2020) book, you can request one of those, too. Simply fill in the form below to send a request.

Sharing thoughts that brighten people's day

By The Way is an internationally syndicated simple thought for the day offered to brighten your life and encourage you in your Christian faith.  It is heard on radio stations and internet sites around the United States and elsewhere and is available at any time of the day through this website.  It has existed on radio since 1956 and comes with the prayer that you experience the blessings of a loving God today.

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By The Way - Thoughts for your day based upon messages from the popular By The Way radio program.

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A syndicated radio program with speaker Paul, BY THE WAY is heard daily on radio stations in many places and is always available 24 hours a day, right here.

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