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Still the best radio program.


My daughter and I start the day with your daily messages. God bless and thank you!

New York

Dear Paul, please send me your book. Thank you and God bless! In Christ.


Thank you for your insightful programs. I believe they are a true blessing to our listeners.

Radio station in Arizona

Thank you for your inspiring messages of faith and love that I hear on the radio and on Apple podcasts. God bless you and your family.

New York

Faith comes by hearing His Word and you have played a powerful part in delivering His messages to so many.


Your words are inspiring to me. When I am down, they refresh me and lift me up. God bless you and please remember me in your prayers, as I do you in mine.


Hi, just wanted to tell you that you have a fantastic way to get someone’s day started. Thank You Very Much.
I love being able to listen to By The Way everyday. Your kind voice and daily wisdom keep me grounded.


I’ve enjoyed listening to the devotionals for many years.


I listen daily on my smart phone and find your short messages very timely.


Thank you so much for BY THE WAY. Your voice is calming to me. I wait with anticipation to hear you and then once you come on, I truly feel revitalized. What a nice feeling.

New York

I listen every morning on my iphone via the KFUO app. I always enjoy and look forward to your segment. It gives me food for thought. Thank you for this ministry!


I just wanted to express my thanks for your quiet and wise viewpoints. It is refreshing to hear a calming, godly voice.

South Dakota

Your BY THE WAY message is so calming. I can hardly wait to listen to it. It changes my whole mood. Thank you for your wonderful and kind messages.

Ontario, Canada

Your program is excellent, succinct, comforting and inspirational. It gives me hope.


It does my heart and soul good hearing you. I would like to have the book, but it won’t be the same as hearing you say it.


I read a By the Way message every morning to my 7th-grade homeroom class. They always look forward to the message. Thank you so much for providing your messages and guidance to my class and myself.


I listen to you always... your voice is so calming and your messages so encouraging. Thank you for all the comfort and hope shared.

South Dakota

I listen every morning and it gives me inspiration that lasts throughout the whole day. Thank you.

A prison inmate in New York

I listen to your inspirational words every morning.


I would like to thank you for inspiring me everyday for the last 15 years. I have my clock radio set…and the first thing I hear every morning is your message. You have helped me through some bad times in my life. Your message always hits home and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you Paul.

New York

I need words of inspiration about getting back to Him and knowing Him again. Thank you for your kindness.

Missouri, with this "subject" on the email message: "Coming home to God"

I want to thank you so much for having the Lord guide you each and every day to deliver His messages to us via your radio ministry. It is always a pleasure to receive God's inspiration in your messages. I truly hope to meet you in heaven.


Hi Paul. I've thought of writing to you many, many times because you do so much good for so many of us who listen to your concise and loving thoughts over the radio. Your interpretations of Christ's teachings resonate in my heart. Your family, and your wonderful staff are in my prayers!


Thank you so much as this has become a very special part of my devotion time. God bless you.


Hearing your messages for over 30 years has been a joy and inspiration. It makes each day so much better.

New York

Paul, you are perfectly suited for the job. You write and speak with great clarity and kindness.


Your succinct use of Holy Scripture and your knowledge and wisdom hit the mark each time.


Reader Comments

Readers of our By the Way books

Thank you for sending your inspirational thoughts. Hearty congratulations on your substantial Kingdom service via broadcast and written media!


I lead Bible studies and plan to use your messages.


Thank you so much for the book. We use it in our devotions.


Thank you so much for all the beautiful messages you have included in the book.


I read a bit each night. Many times it is so very relevant!


Sharing your book with us is greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping to build better lives and a better community.


Splendid...Your wit, wisdom, and eloquence in these pages...


Using it for morning devotions. Wow!


What a very pleasant gift!


The book is proving to be a great blessing to me.


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